Saturday, January 19, 2019, 7pm on the AUDI Stage

        Rhythm of the Night is a special Concord tradition - a celebration of the city's long-time and far-reaching reputation as a "dancing town" and of our neighbors, young and old, who dance with capital area schools and companies.

        Dance performances start with a countdown 5-6-7-8, but this year's Rhythm of the Night 2019 adds special numbers. For the twenty-eigth year, it is the largest dance show in the state. Honoring the 75th anniversary of Concord's first dance show, Tommie Demers' 1944 recital, it also celebrates the 50th year of Gen's Dance Studio led by "Miss Gen" Woodward.

        Since 1992, area dance companies who call the Audi their "home stage" have joined together for one winter evening to feature their talented students in a showcase produced by The Friends of The Audi to benefit upgrades to the city-owned theatre. This year's dance show may start with a "5-6-7-8" but the numbers quickly rise to 200 with a company of 165 dancers and choreographers from 10 schools plus a citywide production crew!

        Director Miranda Milano of NV Dance Productions and Producer David Murdo of the Friends of The Audi have organized the company into an exciting two-hour show of family-friendly entertainment. The program includes styles from tap to ballet, lyric to hip-hop, and contemporary to production, all in beautiful costumes with special music and lighting effects by Capitol City Audio and Lighting Designer Steven Meie.

        The schools and their directors include Concord Dance Academy, Concord - Cindy Flanagan; Creative Dance Workshop of Bow - Bridget Edinger; Dance Inspirations, Concord - Carolyn Coskren; Dancesteps, Etc., Epsom - Jamie Tisbert; Eastern Ballet Institute, Concord - Brandi Nylen Reed; Gen's Dance Studio, Concord - Gen Woodward; McKenna Dance Center, Concord - Ana McKenna; New Hampshire School of Ballet, Hooksett - Jennifer Rienert; NV Dance Productions, Concord - Miranda Milano; and Turning Pointe Center of Dance, Pembroke - Lisa Drouin Goff.

        In addition to presenting an evening of music and dance, Rhythm of the Night provides the local dancers with on-stage experience just prior to state and national competitions. These competitions enhance the students' future educational opportunities as the awards include scholarships and resume-building recognition.

        Tickets to Rhythm of the Night are $12, available at The UPS Store on South Main Street and the door. For information and reservations, please contact Producer David Murdo at 344-4747 and nhdm40@comcast.net

        Rhythm of the Night is presented by The Friends of The Concord City Auditorium in conjunction with the dance schools. All proceeds are dedicated to upgrades of the city-owned historic theatre. The current Friends of The Audi effort is replacement of the stage curtains, a project budgeted at $40,000 and planned for the summer of 2019 when the house is quiet.

        The show is sponsored by six businesses known for their support of area student activities: Charter Trust Company - Rich Woodfin; Parker Academy - David Parker; and Capitol Craftsman & Romance Jewelers, Viking House, and Hilltop Consignment.

        Further information, courtesy photos, and photo opportunities are available through David Murdo at 344-4747 and nhdm40@comcast.net