Wed. March 8th at 7:30pm

Travelogue with Gray Warriner

      GRAY WARRINER is an independent producer of documentaries and travelogues. He has worked as a cameraman, director, producer, and has won over 100 national and international awards for film excellence (including Eastman Kodak's award for best film). Gray brings with him 35 years experience and has taught as an instructor of cinematography at the University of Washington.

      For three decades Gray has headed up Camera One, a Seattle based production company that specializes in educational and adventure / travel films.

      Gray is an honors graduate from the University of Washington, where he majored in Geology and Physical Geography (Phi Beta Kappa, top 1% of Graduating Class). Gray entered the film business as a result of a chance encounter with a French documentary film crew while on a trip to the Mayan ruins of TIKAL in Guatemala. The work fascinated Gray and he decided to abandon his graduate studies in pursuit of filmmaking.

      Born in Pensacola Florida, Gray has spent most of his life in Seattle. He is pilot, certified diver and underwater photographer, an avid skier, and particularly enjoys hiking and whitewater rafting.