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        February has arrived, can spring be far behind? We have some wonderful entertainment at the AUDI to help with everyone's cabin fever.

        On the weekend of February 12th - 14th the Community Players of Concord will present Tim Firth's, Calendar Girls. This humorous and heart-warming play is based on a real event and tells the story of how a handful of determined small town women raise money for a local hospital. They give the term 'thinking outside the box' a whole new meaning.

        On Saturday the 20th, Concord Community Concerts presents pianist Frederic Chui. As part of the evening's presentation, Frederic will ask the audience to judge a "Classical Smackdown" between Prokoliev vs Debussy.

        NOTE: at 10:30am Mr. Chui is offering a MASTER CLASS, with lecture and demonstration, to all musicians. This is FREE and all who attend will receive a ticket to the evening's concert.

        On Saturday the 27th, the Friends of the AUDI & Absolutely Magic end the month in high style with an evening of fascinating magic, classic comedy and vaudeville that is sure to entertain.

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Additional information contact David Murdo at 344-4747, or at

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        Behind everything at your AUDI is a group of volunteers that make it all possible.

      Ushers, Cookie Bakers, Envelope Stuffers, no job is too small, no amount of time is too little.

      To learn how you can join in email...

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