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MAY 2016

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        Sunshine, wonderful flowers, even more wonderful smells as the warm weather brings nature to life. Wonderful for all who don't suffer from alergies that is.

        Once again the first full weekend in May brings a treat from our good friends at the Concord Community Players. Three presentations of The Pirates of Penzance on the evenings of Sat. the 6th and Sat the 7th, followed by an afternoon matinee at 2pm on Sunday.

        Again this year the Friends of the AUDI and Concord General Services Department join forces to offer their 15th annual Perennial Exchange. On the morning of Saturday, May 7th arrive anytime between 8am and noon to "Let The Gardening Begin."

        On Tuesday, the 10th, the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance invites everyone to join them to honor the past year's preservation achievements.

        On Wednesday May 11th, the Walker Lecture series brings back an AUDI favorite son, or make that two. Scott Kirby is once again joined by fellow Concord native Gary Green, harmonicist, as well as guitarist Dave Edmiston to take us to Key West for a fun evening.

        May also kicks off Concord's version of dance fever when two area dance studios perform their annual recitals to show what's shakin'. Capital City Dance Center starts it off on Saturday, May 21st, at 1pm. One week later on Saturday, May 28th, Gen's Dance Studio presents it's 47th annual recital at 2pm.

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